Mataking Island

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Ooh, I can’t wait to tell my friends back in America that I actually touched CORAL and saw TWO starfish during summer vacation! It all happened when we went to Mataking Island, which is part of Malaysia.

We woke up at 5:00 to get ready for the 45-minute boat ride from Semporna to the island. When we got to the dock, we saw so many exotic fish under it!

Practically right when we got on the island we went to play on the beach. (Just us kids, though) The sand on the beach was so soft! We collected a lot of seashells and lots of hermit crabs. We got so many we had to let some go. (Hermit crabs, I mean.) They wouldn’t all fit into our container.

By that time it was already about 10:00, so we went back to the resort we were staying at ( the Reef Dive Resort) and had some crackers and toast for a snack, and then we went swimming in the crystal clear (though salty) ocean water. You know, it really hurts when that water gets into your eyes, and it happened A LOT. I also hate when sand gets into my swim suit, and that happened lots too.


I think the best thing about the water (after all that bad stuff) was the clearness. It gave me the courage to go deeper into the ocean than I’ve ever had, because I was able to see the bottom. (What is unknown is feared!) The reason I’ve never gone that far is that back in New England the water of the Atlantic Ocean is very murky, so you can’t see the bottom.

After a while, the adults decided we should go eat lunch, so we went to the buffet room. When everyone was full, we went to check out our rooms. My mom, brother, grandma, and I got the best room; A “King” one! My two female cousins and my Fourth Aunt shared the second best room, and my other two cousins (both boys) and their parents shared the third room.

Since the “King” room was the largest room, everyone in our party gathered there to make plans to visit a smaller island right next to Mataking. At low tide, both islands are connected by a bridge of sand. But right when we had decided to go, since low tide was approaching, it started to rain!

Eventually, it stopped raining, so we went to see if we could make it to the island. My grandmother and I lagged behind, looking for seashells. I, in particular, was looking for these cute purple cowrie shells. There weren’t very many of them on the beach, though.

Well, it turned out that we couldn’t make it to the other island, so we turned around and headed back. My mom found a sand dollar, and that started off a whole search for more sand dollars. By the time we got back, we had probably two bags worth of seashells and sand dollars!


Then we went back to the dock to take a closer look at the fish. My mom gave me a pair of snorkels for easier fish-viewing, but I guess I’m just not very talented at using them, because salt water kept getting in my eyes and nose.

Meanwhile my grandmother collected seashells (again). Her favorite hobbies are collecting rocks and seashells, so she must have been in heaven.

Every once in a while she’d call me over to look at a new seashell she had found.

When the fish-viewers were satisfied, we went swimming again, and then we found the CORAL! Before, we had supposed that the only coral were in the reefs, so you had to dive to get to them. We were so surprised when my mom said there was actually coral in the shallow water that we were swimming in! We all rushed over to see.

For me, it was the first time I’d ever seen coral before. I stared and stared. Finally I worked up enough courage to try touching of the softer looking coral. It really was soft! And the cool thing was, when you touched it, it turned from brown to blue! I didn’t touch it too much, though, because I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. I read somewhere that coral is very fragile.

We couldn’t get enough of the coral, but it was getting dark, so we went back to soak in the tub. After that we ate dinner.

Finally we all went back to our rooms for the night. My “roommates” and I changed into our pajamas and went to bed, satisfied.

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