Summer Essay #1: Why Does it Keep on Raining?!?

作者: , 2008/07/04 10:37 EDT

Hi there! This is my first post (or one of my first posts, don’t remember which) on my family website! As you can probably tell, today’s topic is “Why [the Heck!] Does it Keep on Raining?!?”

Yup, it’s been raining for like a whole MONTH here where we live. Yeah, okay, it’s nice and sunny in the morning and afternoon (excluding today, though, it’s been all wet and disgusting ever since I got up), but then BOOM it starts thundering and the lightning is like A LIGHT SHOW FOR PETE’S SAKE.

And you know, I thought it was supposed to be HOTTER this year, what with global warming and all that. (But my dad says it’s not really global warming, it’s supposed to be like this because we’re coming out of the Ice Age. Oh well.) BUT STILL! The sun is my favorite part of summer, and I’m being deprived of it, especially today, which is JULY 4TH of all days!


Whew. That was QUITE a rant. Hmm, that’s weird. All my “essays” seem to turn out as rants. Ah, but I guess I wasn’t really aiming for “Essay of the Summer”, anyways.

Really, though, I can’t understand why it’s raining all the time now. It’s even ruining my sleep… I wake up in the middle of the night and I hear pitter patter pitter patter and BOOM and whoosh and I CAN’T GET TO SLEEP! Plus, it’s cold.

Okay. I think that’s enough for today, so I think I’ll just shut up now and post this.




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