Summer Essay #2: Summer’s Deception

作者: , 2008/07/25 12:53 EDT

I was on the phone the other day with my best friend Natasha, talking about random things, like how my room just recently got a makeover, how she just went to New York and went tubing, and how we both couldn’t wait to go back-to-school shopping. Then she said something that made my jaw drop.

“You know, I like school better than summer.”

I replied indignantly, “But why? Summer is waaay better than school! I mean, seriously!”

She said calmly, “Well, summer is so BORING, y’know. At school you can see all your friends, and be with other people.”

I laughed. “Wow, you really ARE a social person. I would WAY rather sleep late and have nothing to do than be dragged out at 6 in the morning and see all these people.” (Yes, it’s true: I am NOT a morning person.)

Later, after we had chatted for a while, then bid each other goodbye with the promise of having a sleepover someday on my new bunk bed, I thought about what Natasha had said. I mean, yes I can sleep late and do practically anything I want, but after a while it gets old.

And besides, I really can’t wait for back-to-school shopping.


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