作者: , 2009/07/06 11:36 EDT

Last Saturday was the 4th of July, Independence day. To celebrate, my family and I went to Boston’s Charles river to see the fireworks.

First, we drove to Alewife and took the subway to Kendall in Cambridge. Then we walked to the river. We didn’t actually go to Boston, we watched it on the Cambridge side of the Charles river.

The first appearance of fireworks was at the end of a song. Later, there was a continuous half hour of fireworks. My favorite part was when four fireworks rockets were launched and each produced a circle of small ones that blew up later.

When it finally ended we got back on the subway and rode to Alewife, and met two and a half hours of traffic and two hours were on the fifth level parking lot. We got home at 2 A.M.

The fireworks was amazing but the traffic makes me not really want to go back.


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