作者: , 2009/07/06 11:36 EDT

Last Saturday was the 4th of July, Independence day. To celebrate, my family and I went to Boston’s Charles river to see the fireworks.

First, we drove to Alewife and took the subway to Kendall in Cambridge. Then we walked to the river. We didn’t actually go to Boston, we watched it on the Cambridge side of the Charles river.
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Reading and Writing Camp is Over

作者: , 2008/08/01 16:55 EDT

Reading and writing camp is finally over! Today is my last day. Today we watched a movie instead of reading packets and writing paragraphs. We watched Cars. I’ve already seen this movie before but I liked last time so  didn’t mind watching it again.

We would usually read, write in our journals, do half a packet, have break, finish the packet and read again, all in this order. I am happy camp is over.

My Sister’s Bunk Bed

作者: , 2008/07/25 14:58 EDT

Last Saturday my sister got a bunk bed. Me and my dad assembeled it while my sister was at softball practice. The bunk bed has a full size matress on the bottom and a twin size for the top bunk. On Friday and Saturday nights I get to sleep on the top bunk. My sister also got a new shelf. The shelf has 16 boxes to put things in.

I wish I had a bunk bed too. 🙂

My Wasp Sting

作者: , 2008/07/08 18:39 EDT

On Saturday I got stung by a wasp when we were having fun in our BBQ party. It’s really itchy. I have to use an ice pack to stop itching it. It’s huge. This is the fourth time I’ve been stung. When I scratch it lightly it tickles.

My Birthday Party

作者: , 2008/07/04 13:19 EDT

6 days ago it was my birthday party.  We were supposed to play wiffle ball, water gun and run in the sprinkler.  But it was too cold to play with water so we only played wiffle ball. I really wanted to soak someone especially because the water gun has two tanks and it can empty one out in one blast.

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