D.I. Regional Tournament and State Finals

作者: , 2008/04/13 17:33 EDT
Destination ImagiNation 麻州決賽

A month ago my D.I. team won the regional tournament and was going to the state finals! My teammate said state is easier than regional. I asked him why, he said it just is. I couldn’t wait.

Yesterday my D.I. team won state! I can’t believe I’m going to the Global Finals. We just got airplane tickets to Tennessee.  My teammate was right about state being easy. In fact it was VERY simple.

Mataking Island

作者: , 2007/09/01 19:25 EDT

A few days ago, I went to Mataking Island and saw a bunch of little fish with yellow stripes. On the island, I stayed in a resort called Reef Dive Resort. At the resort there was a restaurant with awesome mango juice. I got to stay in a room that had a canopy above the bed. It also had a deck. The room was raised above ground.
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